Uganda (12th Collection)

Uganda (12th Collection)


The African Children’s Stories Program is a Ducere Foundation initiative, where African children are encouraged to write becoming published authors and to build lasting relationships with the elders of their community. Each African Children’s Stories Collection captures ideas, preserves tradition and ignites the love of learning and education. It is our pleasure to share their stories with others across the globe.

All proceeds of the sale of these books is 100% invested in the publication and distribution of more books into the hands of children across Africa.

The 12th Collection from Uganda, includes stories from children in the Kitgum District, Northern Uganda.

Who will marry the beautiful princess?
The Animal with One Hundred and One Tails
Nguttu and the woman
The Rabbit and the Fly
How the pig got fat
The Leper
A Story about Domestic and Wild Animals
The Story of Mr Crocodile
The Widow and her Son

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