5,090,763 (2020)

Liberia is an extraordinary country nestled on the west coast of Africa, bordering Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cote d’Ivôire.
Flying north from Monrovia with few landing strips sighted and nothing but canopies of green left us a little nervous, yet also anticipatory.  Residing in the Samaritan’s Purse compound, surrounded by mango trees that rained fruit every day during the tropical downpour was fabulous. In contrast, there was a constant threat of black mambas, often seen and posing a significant threat. 
Waking to the aroma of corn bread, strolling through the villages and being spoilt with Liberian cuisine was beautiful. Our days in the jungle began with prayer and then time with the children at FOYA Free Pentecostal School, reading and telling stories.  The children loved their story writing and the launch of the Fifty-fifth Collection was filled with music, readings, certificates and special treats for the entire community.
Once back in Monrovia we were in a different world, with more sophisticated school facilities and different challenges. The students at ELWA Academy in Paynesville already understand the concern about the polluted Atlantic Ocean and the black sand along the beaches caused by oil from passing ships.
It is with great thanks that we acknowledge Samaritan’s Purse for their role in bringing this collection to life and making such a valuable contribution to the education of Liberian children. The way these children value education is beautifully expressed by Hawa Blamah from the FOYA Free Pentecostal Mission High School who wrote,

‘When I see a teacher, I see an emancipator who releases the young from ignorance’.

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