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Our arrival into Mauritius has always been at night, with dawn revealing the natural beauty of the island nation. Mauritius is breathtaking and has a well-earned reputation as a world-famous tourist destination. The country touches every sense, calling to entrepreneurs, educators, diplomats and, of course, honeymooners.
Ducere’s partnership across Mauritius and Rodrigues is exemplary, reflecting every aspect of our shared philosophy and the articulation of the Sustainable Development Goals in a systematic and scalable way.
The African Children’s Stories program was piloted across six schools in Mauritius in 2015 and today all schools participate. Each launch since 2016 has been in the presence of the Honourable Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun in her capacity as Minister for Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology and now Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius.  
The success of the first collection paved the way for three further collections through the leadership of Mrs Aneeta Ghoorah, Director, Curriculum Development and Evaluation in the Ministry of Education and her team, including Mrs V. Hauroo and Mrs Shalini Mahadowa-Reechaye and authors from across the country. At each launch the now Vice Prime Minister announced the next challenge whch is an illustrated story competition.
The Sixtieth Collection, which was published to mark the fifty-year anniversary of Australian–Mauritian diplomatic relations, consists of twenty poems written in response to a Slam Poetry competition based on the theme of education. Rich with rhyme and rhythm, alliteration and imagination, the Slam poems are a fantastic read.
The first prize winner, Nihma Milhaab Elahee, certainly captured the importance of education when she wrote,

‘I see how education changed me for the best, surely education is the way to success’.

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