Mozambique is a country where an individual has made the African Children’s Stories program possible. Laura Barraza has worked for months across Mozambique and while we do not have a completed collection as yet, the student engagement has been dynamic.
Laura’s story is inspiring in its own right.

‘Through my life I have always dreamt of being part of the United Nations community. I remember being a child and telling grown-ups all the things I wanted to do for humanity when I worked at the UN.  My interest never vanished, it only grew, and I knew I had to prepare myself and work very hard for this huge responsibility. Now more than ever I feel ready to dedicate the next stage of my life to do humanitarian work.’

Mozambique is a tropical country with large areas of forests and savanna grassland, with many animal reserves that are home to a huge range of wildlife, including leopards, baboons, warthogs, giraffes, zebras, antelopes and lions.
As well as having a Portuguese influence on language and religion, Mozambique has a traditional culture that places huge importance on family and village life, which includes elements of spirituality, herb healing and rites of passage that punctuate many stories.
Primary schooling is compulsory and all classes are conducted in Portuguese. However, due to the need for children to help support their families, attendance can be very low, particularly in rural areas. 
A story collection from the children of Mozambique would be an incredible and inspiring achievement and we acknowledge Laura, who holds a PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom and is a former Senior Lecturer at Deakin University, Australia, for her wonderful work. We look forward to bringing you stories from Mozambique in the future.

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