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Livingstone and Lusaka are at the heart of our programs in Zambia.  It was our Founder who introduced us to Cathy Chilambe, Head of Linda Community School, a remarkable educator and foster mother.  Linda has over 400 orphans, many of whom fend for themselves, living in improvised shelter without adults to care for them.  
Ducere provides salaries and resources, working closely with Linda, which has become an educational training hub for the ACS program and Science Circus Africa.  The Read Out Loud Radio Program was implemented with Mosi-O-Tunya Radio. Each Saturday, the program broadcast mini-masterclasses, inspiring parents, teachers and children. The Honourable Julia Gillard AC, Australia’s 27th Prime Minister and former Chancellor of Ducere visited Linda Community School and presented a radio segment. The children loved her visit, and she was enthralled by the children’s vocal choruses, dance and science experiments.

Our experience of Chilanga Primary School, on the outskirts of Lusaka, is also rich with indelible experiences. Under the leadership of Principal Kenneth Muleya, the school has hosted story writing and storytelling master classes, with the book launches reflecting the children’s talent, creativity and pride. They too were visited by Ms Gillard as part of our program.
The Zambian program relies on our partnerships and their passionate teachers and learners. The Ministry of Education has been critical in the publication of five Zambian ACS collections written by children around and beyond Livingstone, Lusaka and Choma.

Most of the children involved in the program have moved on to higher grades. This keenness to learn and to help one another was beautifully expressed by Joyce Maposa in her story,

‘It is important to encourage our friends to study hard and be the best that they can be’.

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